Ice Bear Mojo 150 Trike 2016

Single cylinder, four-stroke
Torque / Power
9.30 Nm (0.9 kgf-m or 6.9 ft.lbs) @ 6000 RPM
Top Speed
80.0 km/h (49.7 mph)
Overall Rating:
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About: Ice Bear

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Ice Bear Mojo 150 Trike Specs

Category Allround
Displacement 149.60 Ccm (9.13 Cubic Inches)
Engine type Single Cylinder, Four-Stroke
Power 8.18 Hp (6.0 Kw)) @ 7500 Rpm
Torque 9.30 Nm (0.9 Kgf-M Or 6.9 Ft.lbs) @ 6000 Rpm
Top speed 80.0 Km/H (49.7 Mph)
Compression 10.3:1
Bore x stroke 57.4 X 57.9 Mm (2.3 X 2.3 Inches)
Fuel system Carburettor
Ignition Cdi
Cooling system Air
Gearbox Automatic
Transmission type,final drive Chain
Frame type Steel
Front suspension Telescopic Fork
Rear suspension Dual Shock
Front tyre 120/70-12
Rear tyre 205/50-10
Front brakes Single Disc
Rear brakes Single Disc
Dry weight 145.2 Kg (320.0 Pounds)
Power/weight ratio 0.0564 Hp/Kg
Seat height 909 Mm (35.8 Inches) If Adjustable, Lowest Setting.
Overall height 1,118 Mm (44.0 Inches)
Overall length 1,948 Mm (76.7 Inches)
Overall width 1,008 Mm (39.7 Inches)
Ground clearance 120 Mm (4.7 Inches)
Wheelbase 1,488 Mm (58.6 Inches)
Fuel capacity 4.54 Litres (1.20 Gallons)
Color options Black/Silver, Red/Silver, Blue/Silver
Starter Electric & Kick
Electrical 12V/7Ah Battery.
Carrying capacity Top Box

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Ice Bear Mojo 50S8 Trike Scooter From

Ice Bear Mojo 50S8 Trike Scooter From

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